Sunday, May 2, 2010


Hello Everyone,

I am writing to all of you with a very heavy heart. I have been informed by Creative Memories that I am no longer able to market and sell my own page layout template CD’s using StoryBook Creator Plus software. The company is in the process of purchasing Volume’s #1- #5 designs from me. Hopefully, you will see them being used in their product line in the months to come. The new QUICKGRIDS™ CD will be reviewed by the company to see what their interest may be in obtaining it as well.

I am remaining on the Digital Design Team as a designer and I will be working on collaborative new projects with Creative Memories. It is my hope that in the long run, I will be able to reach even more of you. When one door closes another one always opens. I am a firm believer that I have a mission to design and teach digital scrapbooking.

I will be revising my Blog and my Facebook group. I plan to continue to conduct my Laptop Crops and offer instruction to groups and individuals. I find such a feeling of accomplishment and personal joy being able to provide you with tools and training to make your digital scrapbooking faster and easier. I want to thank each and every one of you for the stories and the scrapbook pages you have shared. The last two years of my business have been so rewarding. It is very difficult to make this change.

I encourage you to let me know what you would like to see Creative Memories focus on to enhance your digital scrapbooking experience. I will be involved with planning future projects and your input is so valuable! Thank you so much for your support of me and my ideas. I promise to keep working hard for all of you!  Please email me at:

The following letter was written for you by Pui Hong Ang, the Vice President of Digital Business Development for Creative Memories. She said she would be available for questions or comments at her email address:

Dear customers:

As you know Laurie Callison is a talented designer whose skills Creative Memories has utilized many times in support of our digital business. In fact, the “Simple Start” templates are very popular largely due to her amazing design skills.

Laurie also sells templates she designs using Creative Memories Storybook Creator Plus software directly to customers. Due to the limitations in the software license (Creative Memories does not own the software) and the need to protect our trade name and marks, we have regrettably requested Laurie to stop selling those templates directly to customers. This is not an easy decision because we know how much customers who buy directly from Laurie enjoy those products. However we do need to prevent the possibility of outside parties create products for sale using our intellectual properties and the software.

We are looking into ways to continue working with Laurie so her design could be made available not just directly to regional customers but a wider audience through the Creative Memories network. We appreciate Laurie’s passion for digital scrapbooking and has a great deal of respect for her design skills. We apologize for the inconvenience in the meantime.

Thank you.

Pui Hong Ang
VP, Digital Business Development
Creative Memories

Thank you to each and every one of you for your business and your friendship,

Laurie Callison
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Kerri said...

Laurie, I'm speechless!!!! This is so sad! I'm so glad that I found you when I did and that I was able to get the CDs that you had. Had it not been for you or your template designs, I would not have made the switch!!!!

Patty said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you at this time, Laurie! Thanks so very much for sharing all of your time, effort and creativity with all of us! :) I am DEFINITELY very glad that I was able to get all of your CDs (including the new one) when I did! I certainly hope that they make the most of your amazing talents! :)

Anonymous said...

This is sad, but at the same time, you've been totally noticed. A little congrats for selling some software to the 'big guys' and look forward to seeing it available to the masses through them!

Jill said...

WOW!! I have been totaly blessed by your cd's and able to quickly complete many, many pages.

Thank you for every thing!

Missy said...

Well my mothers day present has just been destroyed. I finally convinced dh to get your cd's for me and now this. I am so sorry that this is happening to you and I hope you take them to the cleaners for rights to your work.

I do have to wonder why I am using SBC3+ and not PSE at this point. Every little irritating thing sends me to another program.

Brenda said...

Laurie ~ I agree with Kerri. I am not sure I would have purchased Creative Memories if not for your amazing templates. There is no other program out there as good as Creative Memories. But your templates really sealed it with me. Love what they have for Creative Memories products, just wished the packages had more content and better layouts.

I hope they compesated you well for all of your work and really incorporate the designs in the packages.

I have really enjoyed chatting with you.

Can't wait to see what you come up with next:-) big {{HUGS}} to you!..

Stefanie said...

I'm sorry that your not able to sell. But I see that as a good thing that CM has recognized how vital you are to the company and to the continued improvements to Digital Scrapbooking.

There is no need for hate towards CM. It's a business that has to look after it's legality. I see good things coming from this. Be blessed Laurie! I only wish I could have gotten some of these cd's. But I will purchase when CM uses them. Hope your business will continue to grow no matter what!! :) God Bless!

Katie K. said...

I stumbled upon you late to the gate. Your work looks amazing and business legality does not take that away. Every company has to protect its legal product stuff just like we as designers need to protect our creations. It gets murky, doesn't it? I will support your designs and name in any way I can. We also have to support the program and CM so the program continues to be sold and loved by others.

Katrina said...

Laurie, I am speechless as well. If it was not for you and the CDs, and I am so glad I was able to purchase them when I did, I would still be working through a learning curve. I am so much out here by myself. Your encouragement and giving me that virtual pat on the back has helped me more than 100 fold. I will use the CDs with great pride and know that it is because of you that I can get my scrapbooking done. I hope one day to meet you in person. Thank you for your creativity, coaching and just being you.