Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My New Blog Is Ready!

Hi Everyone!
I am so excited to update you on all of the changes and improvements I have been working on over the past months!  First of all my new blog is FINALLY launched!!!  Please go check it out!

I am starting things up where I left off with my QUICKGRIDS page layout templates.  They are available as a download on my new blog.  No more waiting for CD’s to arrive in the mail and no more shipping charges!  You may download the templates right now!

My new blog has undergone numerous revisions since last July when I first promised it to all of you.  Many things have changed over the last year.  One thing that remains the same is that I truly believe in digital scrapbooking and I want to continue to help you save your precious memories.  I hope you follow me on the next path of my journey.  I truly value your business and your friendships!!

I have added a new software program to my business called Panstoria Artisan.  I LOVE it!  I was fortunate enough to be on the beta testing team for this new software.  If you are interested in trying it, there is a link on my new blog to a free 30 day trial download.  I will continue to support Creative Memories StoryBook Creator Plus 3.0 and Memory Manager.  My new blog has Training Options, Freebies and free QUICKLFILL templates for both StoryBook Creator Plus 3.0 and Artisan! 

Many of you are Creative Memories Consultants and customers.  Please know that I have given this new opportunity a lot of thought before deciding to add this software to my business.  I have been digital scrapbooking for over 7 years, long before StoryBook was ever developed.  I have used eight different software programs for digital scrapbooking.  There are new options in this market all the time.  Artisan has really captured my attention and I enjoy using it.  Please know that I have no intention of trying to take any business away from Creative Memories consultants.  Most of my best friends are consultants.  I was a consultant myself from 2000 – 2004.  I am still here to support you!

Thank you so much for all of your patience and well wishes over the past months!  Now go check out my new blog and have fun playing with all the free toys!

This will be my last post on this blog.

Thank you so much!


Christy said...

Best of luck as you move forward Laurie. You have been gracious and positive. I admire that.

Brenda said...

So glad to hear you are still around Laurie!.. Can't wait to see what your new designs look like. I am already following you on your new blog!.. WELCOME BACK!..